Glasgow Stained Glass Studio, About Us.

Alistair McMillan has been involved in the design and manufacture of stained glass since 1990, and in 2000 he set up Smashinglass to concentrate on the more architectural aspects of the stained glass market.

Smashinglass are now established as one of the busiest and most successful studios in Glasgow, and we still share the same passion for decorative glass that inspired us twenty three ago.

It is always our aim to design and produce the finest stained glass in both beauty and quality.

Our policy of delivering on time and within budget helps to keep us the most popular stained glass studio in Glasgow.

We believe that our work stands out because it does not look out of place. We strive to achieve an appearance that is always sympathetic to the character of the building we are to enhance, and true to our clients requirements.

Please browse the galleries on show here, and remember that a photo can never capture the true beauty and magic of the glass that we work with.